• Ps3 controller on pc windows 7 64 bit usb

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    Like libus driver for 64 bit or something. How do you get it to pair via Bluetooth. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with Windows for x64 based systems. After about an hour of fiddling got it to work on my laptop running Vista. Finally gave up, after failing to get anything to work, and uninstalled it. The shame is on on you, not me. I have followed all the stepd that I can find. Hey I had the same problem you did, how do I fix it. I think it is because I have a 32 bit system, instead of the 64 bit system they have been using for their testing. Have you installed the required software as well. Now that I see that, I thought it'd be fixed. Tick your driver port and load driver, it must be successfull. Uninstall everything, redo it and write down each step clearly!. Was it an upgrade to windows7 or clean install. I have got my ps3 controller working wirelessly, however as soon as i try and start up lego universe the controller stops working. I just have one question. Hi, First, make sure you have installed the latest driver: Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1. It was a pain in the little hole, but it worked, so I think its worth it to spend some time with this… Thanks again. Like libus driver for 64 bit or something? I spent so many hours on this, and have literally tried everything, so I can definitely help you out! Why would you write this? As you've probably seen with my sig for the past month or two I'm building a new rig and I want to use a PlayStation 3 controller on it wirelessly. I may just try buying a pc gaming controller. Was it an upgrade to windows7 or clean install?

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